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Remote Computer Support



Remote Computer support is a facility we offer to our clients and represents a cost effective method to give immediate assistance for software related issues.

There are occasions that things go wrong or simple changes are required to systems and you need it sorting as quickly as possible.  The use of remote support technology allows our engineers to fix your PC, laptop or server without the need for a callout.

Secure and Safe

Many pieces of software exist that allow remote support but we believe the system we use is one of the most secure.  The software uses encryption to offer security that equals that of the banks and the codes we use expire every 15 minutes so there is little chance of an unauthorised user gaining access.


Remote computer support means no driving, parking, or waiting for assistance
Avoid the time wasting and stress that goes along with getting your computer fixed! Sit back and watch in the comfort of your own home as the repair takes place, or, ask questions while the technician works on your machine. You can discuss the repair while its taking place and even see how everything is done!



Immediate help

We believe that businesses need to be up and running as quickly as possible and remote support allows us to often finish the repair more quickly than it would take to drive to your office.

To allow us to assist you please give us a phone and one of our engineers will talk you through the 2 step procedure.


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