Data Recovery for MacBook Pro’s non-removable SSD

We are able to Data Recovery for MacBook Pro of any year.

When the first teardown of Apple’s new 2016 MacBook Pro and 2017 MacBook Pro was published 2016 and 2017, a couple notable changes were spotted related to the machine’s SSD. Components for the SSD are now soldered onto the logic board, which likely allows for some design and thinness enhancements, but hurts overall repairability. On top of not being upgradeable, some speculated that meant that if the logic board fails, your data is gone with it. Not necessarily… 

Also present is a new mystery connector on the logic board, Well it wasn’t connected to anything. It turns out that the mystery connector is actually there BECAUSE of the soldered down SSD, Only giving to access data on a dead MacBook Pro. 

We Repair Computer are able to assist, and offering any 2016 MacBook Pro or 2017 MacBook Pro customers will possible to data recovery and also transfer data in to new device, doesn’t matter of your device doesn’t boot.

This solution means we can transfer over data from a dead apple machine or make appointment in the event the customer needs a Data Backup . So there is still the downside of not being able to upgrade the new SSDs, but at least you know We Repair Computer have solution to help you recover lost data if your MacBook Pro dies. 

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