Mac Data Recovery

Mac data recovery 

Mac data recovery from a malfunction MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or iMac used to be a simple task as all those Apple computers come with a removable HDD or SSD drive. We can remove the HDD or SSD drive from the faulty Mac and put it into a working Mac and start the data transfer process straight away. Sometimes we need some data recovery software to assist the data transfer process. In extreme cases, we need to replace the data read-write head or the control board inside an HDD drive. Armed with these tools and techniques, we don’t have to know how the HDD/SSD internal circuitry work and still can achieve a high data recovery success rate. Unfortunately, these Mac data recovery methods will not work on the new MacBook’s.

Started in 2016-19, the new MacBook logic board designs have shifted from the removable HDD/SSD drives to the none-removable SSD chips. According to Apple, integrated SSD chips on the logic board will increase the data transfer speed, data security of the new devices. On the other hand, retrieving data from these logic boards with onboard SSD chips becomes a challenging task, especially from a water-damaged MacBook. Nowadays, we have to understand how the SSD circuitry works in order to achieve a certain success rate.

The Mac data recovery technique we discuss below can be applied to 2016 to 2017 MacBook Pro touch bar models including the 13″ A1706 and 15″ A1707 MacBook’s. We Repair Computer Online provides leading Mac data recovery services in Wimbledon, London.

History of the water-damaged MacBook Pro with touch bar Data Recovery.

The customer has spilled a glass of water on the keyboard of this 15″ MacBook Pro A1707 with touch bar. The MacBook worked for a while and then powered off automatically. Since then the customer could not power up the MacBook anymore. He took the laptop the Apple store. The genius bar technician told him the logic board of this MacBook Pro is faulty and there is No Way to retrieve the data from the dead MacBook Pro. He has got the same story from six other computer repair stores before coming to us. The data in this MacBook is very important to the customer. Unfortunately, he did not have a backup of the data. This is the reason why he didn’t give up searching for help.


Macbook Pro Retinas 13-inch 2016 A1706

Macbook Pro Retinas 13-inch 2017 A1706

Macbook Pro Retinas 15-inch 2016 A1707

Macbook Pro Retinas 15-inch 2017 A1707