On site computer services

On site computer services

Nowadays, every household has multiple computer gadgets. From laptop to desktop computers and gaming consoles, with all these machines at home, it is obvious that sooner or later one of them will have some hardware or software failure. We render our services to homes as well. You can book an appointment with us for On site computer services. When you make a call to our center for a home visit for PC repair in Wimbledon or areas nearby, based on the information you provide, we send in a team of engineer(s).

The first aim is to see if the repair or upgrade is possible at home. If it is, the engineer will inform you about the cost and the time required to complete the task. We provide home services for work like networking, WiFi setup, computer upgrade, laptop upgrade, computer repair, and virus cleaning etc. Our team is expert in branded and assembled computers as well as laptops. We also provide services for gaming consoles.

In case the engineer finds it hard to fix the computer at home, he will bring it to the facility and we will repair it and arrange the delivery as well. We do not charge anything extra for pick and drop. We provide multiple packages to make it much easier for you to afford the services. You can also have a 3-month or 6-month regular checkup done which will keep your computer healthy.

Our prices

Pricing details for our services

Service Price
Standard onsite visit – Monday to Friday
Saturday & Sunday Onsite Visit
Part hours after the first hour

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